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The art of living well an feeling great is what Cosmedic Laser Spas is all about! We specialize in making you look and feel great by providing the best results with the most successful and safe Laser treatments for all types skin.

We provide long-term solution for unwanted hair, leg veins, spider veins, age & sun spots, and wrinkles!

Our techniques are the most advanced and to guarantee the best results, a licensed physician oversees all treatments. Cosmedic Laser Spas has two hair removal laser systems with different wavelengths to treat various skin types. Call Us or Schedule Appointment in our Melrose Park office today!

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Most everyone is familiar with waxing for hair removal, but laser hair removal might be a new idea for you. One of the drawbacks of waxing is that there is never an end to it or the pain that comes with it. Every six weeks or so, you will need to repeat the process. On the other hand, laser hair removal takes between five to six visits to remove 80 to 90% of the hair for good. What are left are very fine hairs that can be removed with a follow up treatment once a year.

Another advantage of facial laser hair removal over waxing is that your face will not be sore or red after the treatment.

Most spas only use one laser and can only treat some hair types. At Cosmedic Laser Spas we have two different types of lasers, including the apogee Elite which allows us to work on all skin types and colors including darker skin. The only limitation we have is white or gray hair. Because lasers target the pigmentation in the hair follicle, it is not possible to remove white or gray hair.

You will be able to look your best in less time and with less worry. Read Bikini Wax or Laser Hair Removal?

Our hair removal clients come to us from many of the surrounding communities like; Bellwood, Berkeley, Broadview, Chicago, Elmhurst, Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, Forest Park, Hillside, Maywood, Northlake, Oak Park, River Forest, River Grove, Schaumburg, Stone Park...

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